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Newly rebuild Impivaara swimming centre celebrates its first anniversary 14.2.


Next Valentine ’s Day 14.2.2013 finds a second reason to celebrate, as the new Impivaara swimming centre turns a year old!

First year of operation after major rebuilding works was as eventful as was expected. Utilisation rate compared to the old swimming centre nearly doubled, as the target 500 000 visitors will be reached in the beginning of March. The pool area, fitness classes and attention paid to families have received most praise. Guaranteed minor construction works and finding a sufficiently effective cleaning rotation have provided some extra work. Impivaara swimming centre will nonetheless begin its second year full of excitement and new plans.

On its big day the swimming centre will be open regularly from 6am to 8pm. In the afternoon players from the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will also be on site to play something beautiful to celebrate the day. You’re welcome to join us!  

Sivua viimeksi päivitetty 14.2.2013 7:15 ja sivu on julkaistu 7.2.2013 16:00



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